Thermal analysis

Great attention is paid to thermal analysis in the LED luminaires design. The results of the thermal analysis affect not only the thermal characteristics of the LED luminaire, but also its lighting parameters, weight and size characteristics, and design. Thermal analysis is always a challenge for engineers.

Thermal analysis. Luminaire. CFD.

As a rule the thermal analysis is divided into three stages:
1. preliminary thermal analysis,
2. detailed thermal analysis.,
3. thermal measurement of the prototype.

Analytical models are usually used in the first stage. The results are a starting point in the design of the LED PCB/module, heat sink, fixtures. We value your time and recommend using PREMALSYS online calculator for preliminary thermal analysis of the LED-MCPCB-heatsink system.

Thermal analysis. Luminaire. FEA.

Detailed thermal analysis is performed using simulation software (CFD, FEA). It takes into account heat transfer by conduction, convection, radiation and conjugates heat transfer. We propose performing thermal analysis by PREMALSYS team.

The result is a prediction of the temperature of LED crystals, the temperature of LED driver, and the luminaire case. We will perform design validation and offer optimization options if necessary. You can submit a request for a detailed thermal analysis.