Manufacturing LED modules

You solve a lot of technical tasks when designing an LED luminaires. As a rule, a group of engineers with different competencies are involved. Someone involved in mechanical calculations, someone – in thermal management, someone – in lighting engineering, someone – in design, etc. There are generalists in some companies. This is a great find for the company, thanks to HR.

Drawing board

The design process is divided into several interrelated parallel streams: industrial design, lighting engineering, mechanics, etc. And a part of the project works, for example, the thermal calculations are outsourced.

PREMALSYS team offers to use the service of custom LED modules design. Leave it to us and focus on other tasks. We will develop a set of documents for the manufacturing of PCBs and LED modules assembly. We will give advice on selection of LEDs, lenses, and PCB material.

Manufacturing facilities

We understand that the final point in the production of the LED module is the test sample. We don’t have our own manufacturing facilities. But we are ready to provide support for the manufacturing of both a trial batch and a series production of LED modules at each stage of production. We don’t manufacture but produce LED modules.  Generally, our customers want to get samples of LED modules asap. The lack of our own manufacturing facilities makes us flexible. We are not tied to a dot on а map and we are ready to support your order for manufacture of LED modules anywhere in the world. This reduces logistics costs and it doesn’t tie you to one single manufacturer.

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