The example of LED module project. LEDiL STRADA-IP-2X6

The following example is provided as the illustration of PCB design. This note provides an example of PCB for lens LEDiL STRADA-IP-2X6, e.g. STRADA-IP-2X6-T2-B [1]. The PCB is designed for 3535 LEDs with an electrically neutral thermal pad or with a thermal pad-cathode, e.g. Cree XT-E [2], Samsung LH351B [3].

Design of a LED lighting module based on PCB PRML_146x45_12p_3535_0273.
BOM for LED module assembly:
1. PCB PRML_146x45_12p_3535_0273, 1 pcs.,
2. 3535 LEDs, 12 pcs.,
3. Connector WAGO 2059-302/998-403*, 1 pcs.,
4. Lens LEDiL STRADA-IP-2X6*, 1 pcs.
*Check compatibility lens with connector [4], Figure 1.

The design of the PCB  does not allow using the connector with lens STRADA-IP-2X6-DWC [5].

What material of PCB to use? We don’t think the IMS (Insulated Metal Substrate) choice is the problem. PREMALYS helps you to choose the thermal conductivity of the dielectric. We suggest using our online calculator for preliminary thermal analysis of the LED-heatsink system.

You can request the project, Figure 2.

Please, use the Feedback form for request and after that we’ll send you gerber files, draft, and PCB description.


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