Who PREMALSYS users are
This project is created for professionals in the field of LED systems who are ready to receive technical tasks on a napkin, make quick decisions and take responsibility. They are engineers, designers, developers, sales managers…

Who we are
We are the group of engineers having experience in design and manufacturing of PCB, LED modules and LED luminaires. The team includes MS in construction and technology of electronic devices, PhD in CAx, experts in thermal management. Every day we are faced with the same request from our customers – What material to use? Most often, customers are interested in the value of thermal conductivity of aluminum PCB for their own LED solutions. Of course, this question arises in the production of prototypes. The developer needs something to push off from. And we perform preliminary thermal analysis of the LED-heatsink system.

Thermal management for the solid-state lighting applications is a key design parameter. Developers of LED modules or LED lamps at the beginning perform preliminary calculations of thermal loads. These results are the starting point. That needs to be confirmed by finite element simulation and/or thermal measurement of the prototype.
PREMALSYS plays in the first step of the lighting-system design. Usually, engineers use spreadsheets or perform rough calculations at this stage. We suggest using our online calculator for preliminary thermal analysis of the LED-heatsink system. The system includes LEDs, Metal Core PCB, TIM, heat sink. PREMALSYS calculator, in contrast to other calculators, explicitly uses the thermal conductivity of MCPCB dielectric.
Our goal is to accelerate the process of pre-calculation of the thermal system LED-heatsink. The PREMALSYS project is constantly being improved. We keep the finger on the pulse of latest trends in thermal analysis. We appreciate your feedback and always analyze information received.